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You can only pay for tickets to other destinations in Transdniestr in the local currency, but you can pay in Moldovan lei or Ukrainian hryvnia for tickets to Moldova or Ukraine. Pay the driver.

From Tiraspol five daily buses go to Balti , 13 to Odesa , one to Kiev , and one a week to Berlin .

Maxitaxis go from Tiraspol and Bendery to Chisinau and vice versa every 20 to 35 minutes from 6.30am to 6.30pm, with reduced services until 10pm.

Whether arriving by car, bus or maxitaxi, foreigners used to be frequently pulled aside and shaken down for bribes. As of now this practice seems to have almost died out completely.

Travelers no longer need to have a letter of invitation from someone in TransD to enter the region, however things like this tend to change frequently and without warning. Formerly, if you arrived at the border without this letter, the guard would reluctantly let you through for a modest ‘fee’ (no receipt). Now, despite abolishing of the invitation letter rule, guards have been known to just make something up about needing a letter or ‘visa’ to enter. FYI – I paid 100 Moldovan lei (about US$7.50) for two people when I was faced with this obstacle in 2006 and was forced to promise to keep a low profile while in the “country.”

Again, border bribe shakedowns have become rare, nevertheless, here’s an example of how the border guards used to work their grift. For more wretched detail about this border crossing, I’ve laid it out as best I can here.

Driving a private vehicle into TransD is possible, but it can be a major ordeal depending on how bored the TransD/Russian border guards are when you pass by. If you don’t speak Russian , you should bring someone who does or you may be there for a while.

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