Tiraspol hotels, pensions

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(Also consider a farm stay at Krasnaya Besarabka)


Stay at Lena’s

Web info: We can offer you basic accommodation in Tiraspol downtowm. Our flat has 2 rooms and may accommodate 3 to 5 persons freely and extra 2 on the floor. Flat is located in the very centre of Tiraspol with a great view on the 25 October Street, on the river Dniestr, Central Square, River Park.

Leif’s take: I’ve stayed here. It was pretty great, all things considered.

Stay at Lyuba’s

Web info: Basic accommodation in Tiraspol downtown. Windows face the mains square of Tiraspol and the monument of Suvorov.Note, that you need an invitation letter to stay in Transdniestr for more than 10 hours. The hostess of the flat can get one for you, but should be contacted a week prior to your arrival. DO NOT MAKE THE BOOKING WITHOUT THE INVITATION LETTER!!!

Leif’s take: I’m pretty sure the invitation letter is no longer necessary. Though this can change at any time.


Hotel Russia
A fully modern, four-star little oasis in throw-back Transdniestr, the rooms and beds here are great and the hotel wifi is strong. Standard rooms start at $90. They also have a restaurant, popular terrace and conference rooms. The cafe on the ground floor makes its own cakes. Don’t miss the caviar vending machine on the ground floor.

Hotel Aist
Tel. +373 (0) 533 37 174 or +373 (0) 533 77 688
pereulok Naberezhnyi 3
It looks semi-derelict on the outside, but the rooms are surprisingly nice all things considered. More expensive rooms have luxuries such as hot water, private toilet and TV.

Hotel Timothy
Tel. +373 (0) 533 36 442
ulitsa K Liebknechta 395A
An ultra-modern, small hotel geared to businessmen and presumably foreigners (there’s a business center next-door). Rooms are large, but plain and sparingly furnished. Some have spa baths.