Flying to Romania

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International flights to Romania touch down in Bucharest (airport), Timisoara, Târgu Mures, Arad, Iasi, Sibiu, and, in the summer, Constanta.

Tarom (Transporturile Aeriene Romane), Romania’s state airline, has turned itself around from being a one-word air travel punchline to being an affordable, reliable and pleasant airline (while the same qualities in other airlines around the world have worsened). Even the food is pretty good. Carpatair flies from their hub in Timisoara to nine Romanian cities and a growing list of international destinations. Wizz Air is dirt cheap and they fly to Târgu Mures, Timisoara, Cluj and Bucharest from Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Budapest and London. Blue Air is also dirt cheap and flies from London, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Austria, Portugal and Cyprus to several Romanian cities. German Wings flies from the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia and Poland to Bucharest. EasyJet flies from Milan and Madrid to Bucharest. Ryan Air started and quickly stopped service to Arad in 2008, but is hanging on to the Romania market with service from Pisa to Constanta (summer only). Air Berlin flies from Bucharest and Constanta to Paris, Innsbruk, Vienna and several locations in Germany.

Tarom, Carpatair and Air Moldova all fly between Romania and Moldova.

Airlines Flying To & From Romania


Air Berlin

Air France

Air Moldova


Alpi Eagles

Austrian Airlines

Blue Air

British Airways


Czech Airlines


El Al Israel Airlines

German Wings

Hemus Air


LOT Polish Airlines


Malev-Hungarian Airlines

Olympic Airways

Ryan Air

Swiss Airlines

Syrian Arab Airlines


Turkish Airlines

Wizz Air

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