Fagaras Mountains

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The Fagaras Mountains (pronounced ‘fuh-guh-RASH’) is where the most serious (read: suicidal) hikers go when they’ve exhausted all other forms of self-flagellation. Seriously, it’s a whopper of a thing to hike, but the rewards are spectacular (if that’s your thing, weirdo). Access points are from the towns of Fagaras and Victoria, neither of which are particularly exciting, so don’t go planning your honeymoon there, though Fagaras has a moat-equipped castle that houses an OK town museum.

This site has detailed information on marked trails around Fagaras.

Two highly recommended hiking/trekking guides are Iulian Cozma and the folks at Active Travel.

In addition to the knee grinding excitement in these parts, there’s the stunning Transfagaras Road, Romania’s highest asphalt road, connecting Highway 1 in Transylvania with Pitesti (via Curtea de Arges) in Wallachia. The road passes several sights of interest, including Lake Balea and Poienari Citadel (the real Dracula‚Äôs castle).

There’s no public transport on the Transfagaras Road. Car rental or hiring a local (with a good car) are your only options for this attraction.

Many of the cabanas in the area have put up web sites. Some are only in Romanian (for now).

Cabana Podragu
Cabana Negoiu
Cabana Barcaciu
Cabana Valea Sambetei

The pictures above were taken and generously provided by Iulian Cozma.

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