Vatra Dornei hotels, pensions

What’s in Vatra Dornei?

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Camping Runc
Tel. +40 (0) 230 371 892
Leif’s take: This very nice campground up on the hill overlooking town. There are 43 wooden double cabins, all with with communal showers and toilets. There’s a restaurant/bar on site. Go west along Str Mihai Eminescu until you see a sign on the right.

Hotel Parc
Tel. +40 (0) 744 964 307
Str Parcului
Leif’s take: Renovations are rumored to include a new hot tub at this otherwise bare-bones, light blue party lodge inside the main park. Internet available.

Hotel Silva
Tel. +40 (0) 230 371 033
Str Dornelor 12
Leif’s take: On the 2nd floor of a commercial complex, this modern hotel has a fitness centre and a nightclub.

Hotel Bucovina
Tel. +40 (0) 230 375 005
Str Republicii 35
Leif’s take:
For the price, this is probably the best deal in town. The dull, but comfortable interior is a bit of a letdown after seeing impressive Swiss chalet exterior.

Hotel Maestro
Tel. +40 (0) 230 375 288
Str Republicii
Leif’s take: This is a great eight-room, modern place in the center of town. They run a popular terrace cafe out front and rent skis and snowmobiles. They also manage Cabana Schiorilor up in the mountains.