Danube Delta hotels, pensions

What’s in the Danube Delta?


Pensiunea Ana

pensiuneana at yahoo dot com
Tel. +40 (0) 724 421 976
Clean rooms with a shared bath run out of a nice family’s home. Breakfast is 2.50 euros.

Pensiune Delta Sulina

Tel. +40 (0) 722 275 554
A comfortable, three-star option.

Sfantu Gheorghe

Expensive resort-like places are popping up along the river-side. There are several cazares (homes with a spare room) costing 60-80 lei (or 14-19 euros) and pensiunes (one step above) here: you can accept an offer from those who greet the boat, or ask around. Wild camping is possible on the beach, but it gets very windy and it’s a long 2km hike.

Delfinul Camping

At the very end of town, on the way to the beach, is  [3.50 euros for two person campsite, casute (little 2-bed cabin) 18 euros, or a 3-star cabin 42 euros] is a family and good budget option with an on-site restaurant, giant projection movie screen, free wi-fi and lots of begging dogs.

Casa Galbena

Tel: +40 (0) 745 757 849
Breakfast is 1.50 euros. This place has large rooms that sleep two, three or four people. There’s no sign. Walk straight off ferry, take a left at the square and walk about 100 meters down. You’ll see Coke terrace umbrellas on the left. No English is spoken here. Book way in advance in July/August.

Pensiunea Turistica Lucia

Tel: +40 (0) 240 546 749 or +40 (0) 744 758 163
Breakfast 2.50 euros, lunch seven euros, dinner 12 euros. Open approximately from April to September. The beds here are good, though some fold out like at grandma’s house. There are more expensive, 2-star rooms with proper split double beds. Like home, but also clean and modern. From the ferry dock, walk straight to the square, turn right, continue for 150 meters, it’ll be on your right. There’s a sign, but no English. Again, book way ahead in July/August.

Pensiune Mareea

Tel. +40 (0) 744 306 389

The best place in town is a 250m walk straight from the dock. Comfortable lodgings and memorable home-cooked meals notwithstanding, the owners offer a full range of boat excursions, starting at eight euros per person, going to 120 euros for a four-person, full-day trip into varied landscapes in both sea and lake/canal ecosystems.


Hotel Maliuc

Tel. +40 (0) 748-200 372
rezervare at hotel-maliuc dot com
Bed and full board is about 40 euros per person. Tours extra.

Pensiune Gheorghe Silviu

Tel. +40 (0) 240 511 279

Pensiune Pocora

Tel. +40 (0) 240 511 279


There are numerous cazares (homes with spare rooms) and pensiunes (one step above), as well as one bonafide hotel:

Hotel Teo

Tel +40 (0) 240 545 550
This is a large and modern full-service centre on the riverfront.


There’s more selection, the best of which is:

Pensiune Riviera

Tel. +40 (0) 240 545 910
Just 50m down the road where the maxitaxi lets you off (further in the same direction), this B&B arranges boat trips into the canals for about 15 euros an hour.

Camping & Hotel Pelican

Tel +40 (0) 240 545 877
About 3km from the maxitaxi stop, and 1.5km from the Navrom ferry port; has the advantage of being near the river but is otherwise a lonely, drab place. Alternately, some people camp wild by the riverbanks here.


Cormoran Hotel Complex

Tel +40 (0) 744 656 372 or +40 (0) 240 515 753
Nouvelles Frontieres/Simpa Turism (+40 (0) 240 515 753; office at simpaturism dot ro; inside Hotel Delta in Tulcea) will take bookings for this gleaming a luxurious oasis smack in the middle of the delta at Uzlina. It has various types of accommodation in the area and prices vary accordingly. There is a restaurant, bar, disco and sunbathing terrace. Guests can waterski, windsurf, and hire small rowing boats or motorboats to explore the delta (though rentals here are more expensive than elsewhere).