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Three stars

Castel Dracula Hotel

Leif’s take: The castle/hotel, better known as Dracula’s Castle, towers 1116m high on the spot where Stoker sited his fictitious Dracula’s castle. The architect who designed the jagged-edged building in the early 1980s clearly studied Dracula movies. Rooms, some of which are pretty small, cover a lot of styles; wood furniture, cheap bathrooms (with ‘Dracula’ personalized towels!), ’70s telephones, all swathed in a lot of cranberry-blood color and dragon motifs.

Coroana De Aur Hotel

Leif’s take: Bold artistic license was taken with the purple facade at this cash-in attempt based on the fictional hotel Bram Stoker’s character Jonathan Harker stopped at before heading to Dracula’s castle. Oh, the 110 rooms are fine and comfy enough (each has a balcony), but suffer from a very ‘70s decor (as in 1970s not 1870s). Apartments are modern and huge, with half kitchens and full living rooms.

Diana Hotel

Web info: Whether on business or holiday, each of the 65 rooms at this 3-star property are designed help guests relax in comfort and style. Guests seeking that perfect blend of attentive care and modern convenience will find it at this lovely hotel.