Bicaz and Durau hotels, hostels

Durau has innumerable accommodations choices up and down the mountain, from hotels to pensiunes lining the main road.

You can pitch a tent for free outside Cabana Bicaz Baraj (430m) at the foot of the dam wall. The cabana has no rooms but serves snacks in its small cafe. Cabana Izvorul Muntelui (797m) has a few basic rooms. Pensiuna Paulo (Tel. +40 (0) 722-769 400), the first cabana you pass on the main road to Durau, has 16 places in a wooden, chalet-style house. Cabanas in the area generally charge under 10 euros per person.

Pensiune Igor

Tel. +40 (0) 233 256 503
Roughly 50m beyond Cabana Paulo, this friendly home has five double rooms with shared bathroom.

Hotel Cascada

Tel. +40 (0) 233 256 668
This is a dubiously rated three-star place, further up the hill in Durau, past the Salvamont. Rooms have cheap, but acceptable furniture, with refrigerators, TVs and balconies. The cramped huts (shared bathrooms) have space for two beds and not much else. No breakfast.

Motel Gara

Tel. +40 (0) 233 253 382
Str Republicii 8
Right beside the train station in Bicaz. They just completed a new, modern wing of rooms. Breakfast not included, but there’s an on-site restaurant.