Arefu hotels, hostels

Villages in the area are teeming with pensiuneas (pensions) and homes displaying cazare (rooms to rent) signs. Several villagers in Arefu are participating in the agro-tourism scheme and open their homes to travelers. Ask at the biblioteca (library) for agrotourism members, or knock on the following doors:

The Tomescu family

Tel. +40 (0) 248 730 102
or +40 (0) 743 678 365
Make your way up to house No 229. They have three clean rooms and, without a word of spoken English, manage to host Romanian feasts and tuica-fueled sing-alongs around the campfire. If they can’t take you, rooms are also available at house Nos 53a, 330, 348 and 384. The Tomescu’s are a 10 minute hike up the hill from the library – take the first right, then start accosting people with “familia Tomescu?” until you home in on the place.

Pensiunea Dracula

Tel. +40 (0) 740 757 400
This pensiunea is 1km south of Poienari in Capat├ónenii village. Breakfast not included. There’s little reason to stay here, unless you’re stuck in the area and not in the mood for the shenanigans of a night in Arefu.

Valea Cu Pesti

Tel. +40 (0) 742 020 129
This is a chalet-style hotel, on the eastern side of Lake Vidraru.

Cabana Cumpana

Tel. +40 (0) 745 910 023
Situated on the western side of Lake Vidraru. Bookings can also be made through Hotel Posada in Curtea de Arges.