Tulcea to Periprava

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The 120km Chilia channel (bratul Chilia), the longest and largest channel, skirts Romania’s border with Ukraine before spidering out into 40 tiny rivers forming a sub-delta of its own. It’s the least touristy of the delta’s main arms (and the hardest for independent travelers to navigate).

Navrom ferries only stop at Chilia Veche and Periprava (30km from the sea). Immediately west of Periprava are the islands of Babina and Cernovca, which were diked by Ceausescu in the late 1980s as part of his harebrained drive to turn the region into agricultural land.

South of Periprava is the impressive Letea forest (Padurea Letea), which covers 2.8 sq km, declared a national park in 1938 and protected by the DDBR today.

Tourists can visit Letea village nearby and spend a few days touring the surrounding waterways. Expect to pay local fishermen at least 50 euros a day.

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