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Mamaia, just a few kilometers from Constanta’s Old Town, appearing without so much as a pause from Constanta’s urban sprawl, is where the real action is, if by “action” you mean pretty beaches, pretty people and pretty dreadful hangovers. A mere 8km wisp of beach between the freshwater Lake Mamaia (also known as Lake Siutghiol) and the Black Sea, it’s Romania’s most popular resort. The golden sands are packed on any reasonably sunny day and the former out-of-control litter problem has been acceptably curbed. There’s an aqua park, restaurants, nightclubs and a predictably raucous atmosphere.

Mamaia has over 60 hotels and tourist complexes squeezed together along the beach. If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing vacation, you’ve come to the wrong place!

Legend has it that the city gained its name from the desperate cries of a fair maiden, kidnapped by a Turk, whose frantic cries for her mother – ‘Mamaia! Mamaia!’ – while being whisked out to sea in a boat, were tragically carried by the wind back to shore.

Today, cries of joy (or what have you) are heard from holiday-makers who come to soak their bodies in sunlight and their livers in drink.

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