Neamt Monastery

Neamt Monastery is the oldest and the largest male monastery in Romania. Founded in the 14th-century by Petru I Musat, it doubled as a protective citadel. Stefan cel Mare built the large church contained within; it remains a classic example of the Moldavian style initiated in his time.

The paintings in the porch and narthex dates from Musat’s time, while the paintings in the altar, the nave and the room in which the tombs are located date from 1497. In the fortified compound are a medieval art museum and a memorial house to novelist Mihail Sadoveanu (1880-1961). The library, with 18,000 rare books, is the largest of any Romanian monastery.

Seven daily buses make the 15km journey from Târgu Neamt, but you’ll probably find it easier to hitchhike along the road (15B) toward Ceahlau.

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