Baile Felix

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Baile Felix, 5km southeast of Oradea, is a mid-range, year-round spa resort with thermal pools and a moderately rowdy atmosphere feel so forget napping in the sun. There’s a large open-air thermal swimming pool here and several smaller pools covered by the rare Nymphea lotus thermalis, a giant white water lily.

The waters here are purported to ease rheumatism, head trauma, some paralysis and stomach illnesses. People with certain medical conditions should not partake in the treatments. Each hotel has a doctor for consultations if you’re unsure (or better yet, consult your own doctor before leaving home).

The most popular public pools are Strand Apollo and Strand Felix (open 8am-7pm, closed November through April), by the Statia Baile Felix bus stop.

Maxitaxis charging about two euros run every 15 minutes (or when full) between Oradea and Baile Felix. Local trains also run daily from Oradea, stopping first at Statia Baile Felix, then at the major hotels.

Baile Felix accommodation

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