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Nothing more to say really. Moldova has some of the hands-down, best wine in the world at prices that are so low that you’ll actually get a little drunk just hearing about it. Vineyards small and large are scattered throughout the country. Nearly all of them are within easy striking distance of Chisinau, so it’s really just a matter of finding a designated driver and cutting loose. Each winery can make for a pleasant (and woozy) day trip, and it’s possible to combine a few into a single day, epic wine-tasting adventure that would do a sommelier proud.

Cricova is usually the first name you hear in regards to Moldovan wine (if you hear about Moldovan wine at all) and they do have a worthwhile tour, but they’ve clearly had it too good for too long and have gotten a little full of themselves. My favorites are Purcari and Et Cetera.

Fore more detailed information about Moldovan wine tours, go here.

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