Leif Pettersen

In 2003, Leif Pettersen was “Kramered” by an unbalanced friend into leaving his idiot-proof career with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and embarking on an odyssey of nomadic travel writing. Despite no leads or training – and a dubious grasp on grammar – his “unhinged contempt for reality” drove him onward and he somehow managed modest success.

Leif’s weakness for pretty girls first brought him to Romania in 2004, where the low cost-of-living compelled him to stay. Speaking the language, having an apartment and owning a 1990 Dacia 1310, it was said Leif needed only to learn tuica distilling to gain honorary Romanian citizenship. He has since moved back to his hometown of Minneapolis, MN.

Some of the articles that Leif has written about Romania and Moldova include:

For more information about Leif and his freelance travel writing experience, visit his website.