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About Romania and Moldova Travel Guide

The majority of the information on the Romania and Moldova Travel Guide was researched by me, on the ground, in Romania and Moldova, including most of the accommodation listings. My aim is to provide an exhaustive travel planning resource for Romania, Eastern Europe’s next big destination (mark my words), and the intriguing, off-the-beaten path wonderland of Moldova, Europe’s least visited country.

For an ever so small taste of what the region has to offer, check out the slide show I posted on the Get Inspired page.

While I have a large number of contacts and informers keeping me reasonably updated about up-to-the-minute goings on, things in these countries tend to change quickly. For example, during the four months between two visits to Chisinau, among other things, they had moved an entire outdoor military museum – I’m talking tanks, cannons, fighter planes, everything. So, if you find that any of the information that I have provided is inaccurate, please alert me!

These countries have enough sites and activities to effectively fill a summer vacation. I’ve lived/traveled in Romania for a cumulative two years – during which time I visited virtually every notable patch of grass in the country – and I’ve now been to Moldova five times. I really love these destinations, but they have their fair share of problems, particularly with day-to-day tasks. I have a tendency to get sarcastic and cheeky in all facets of life, especially when they deserve some honest zings, and Romania and Moldova are no exception. I call a lot of things as I see them in these two countries, and not always in a positive light. These are just my opinions. I could be a little wrong (possible) or very wrong (improbable). Please keep this information (and my attempts at caustic humor) in mind as you peruse the site.

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Romania and Moldova Travel Guide